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  Sichuan Tibetan incense Rangtang visit Taichung Tibetan incense made of natural plant raw materials.Screening of raw materials Anyuan photo.Anyuan Photo polishing aromatic raw materials.Anyuan Photo polishing aromatic raw materials.Anyuan photo selection of raw materials.Anyuan photo Tibetan incense products.Anyuan photo spices molding.Harmonic incense material taken Anyuan.Anyuan taken January 11, the reporter walked into Aba County, a Rangtang remain pure manual production process of Tibetan incense making Taichung, visits to traditional Tibetan incense making skills.Tibetan incense material of saffron, possession Kou, clove, musk, sandalwood, borneol, angelica, snow lotus dozens of other valuable medicine and herbs composition, conventional production techniques set "picking, optional, grinding, blending, extrusion aperture horns molding, air-curing, packaging "and dozens of traditional handmade program communion a furnace, living Transmission millennium the conventional refining process is a conventional fine root Tibetan incense.

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