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  5 and a half years old girl suffering from a rare genetic disease mother to donate liver to save the woman 5-year-old girl and a half Showtime suffering from a rare genetic disease - Xite Lin protein deficiency and lead to cancer, only liver transplant to save lives.To save her daughter, Showtime mother decided to donate the entire left liver.10, underwent liver transplant surgery Showtime recovered well, go home.According to reports, Showtime born when everything is normal, 3-year-old began to recurrent respiratory infections, the family took her to the Huazhong University of Science Tongji Hospital, Tongji Medical College for treatment, and ultimately through genetic screening, diagnosis Showtime suffering from a rare genetic disease - Xite Lin protein deficiency.Wuhan Tongji Hospital Pediatric Surgery Fengjie Xiong, director of introduction, lack Xite Lin protein deficiency is an autosomal recessive genetic disease, both parents have to carry the recessive gene, while children will inherit genes that cause the onset of parents.More common incidence of several months after birth, will ultimately lead to liver failure.But some slow onset, initial symptoms are mild, but the same can not change the progression of cirrhosis, will ultimately develop cirrhosis and even lead to liver cancer.For two years, the Wuhan Tongji Hospital has been closely following each inspection Showtime.Showtime again last July to review the hospital, doctors found a 1 cm long lesions on her liver.September follow-up found again, a small lump on Showtime liver becomes larger, Fengjie Xiong after diagnosis is likely to be considered tumor malignant disease leads to a lack of protein Xite Lin, it is recommended as soon as possible the implementation of liver transplantation surgery Showtime.Showtime mother decided to donate liver to save the woman.Wuhan Tongji Hospital pediatric surgery, organ transplants, pediatrics, liver surgery, anesthesiology and other multi-disciplinary consultation, surgical planning.Last December 20, smooth operation, the doctors removed the diseased liver Showtime all, then transplanted healthy liver mother.To save her daughter, her mother donated the entire left liver Showtime.Fengjie Xiong warned that many types of liver disease, causes complex, it must go to the hospital to see the doctor when necessary, and accept genetic testing.Many rare and hereditary liver disease onset hidden, it is easy to be misdiagnosed or missed.Clearly the type of liver disease as early as possible, to be able to adjust the targeted treatment programs, to avoid adversely affected by illness.

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