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  China 26.82 million passengers to buy tickets is limited due to dishonesty China is accelerating the construction of a social credit system, promises continuing to strengthen joint discipline.Chinas National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Meng Wei, 16 in Beijing said that since October 2013 the implementation of dishonest debtor list published information from the system, as of the end of June, the National Court issued a total of 14,430,000 passengers dishonest debtor list, cumulative limit buy tickets 26.82 million passengers, limiting EMU high-speed rail ticket purchase 5.96 million people, 4.37 million credit discipline dishonest debtor awed initiative to fulfill legal obligations.Meng Wei said that in June, China promises new information on 50 subject blacklist.310,000, involving dishonesty body 45.550 000, exit blacklist of dishonesty body 12.040 000.In the governance paper fraud, cheating on exams and other issues, Meng Wei said the Chinese official recently issued "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Style scientists carry forward the spirit and style of study construction" clearly states, and severely punish breach of research integrity requirements of behavior, depending on the seriousness recover responsibilities who benefits obtained, according to the program recorded in the database of research integrity serious acts of dishonesty, "zero tolerance" in the promotion of the use, recognition incentives, involved in the project and other "one-vote veto".In the field of financial dishonesty issues involving special treatment, Meng Wei pointed out that China release the sixteenth installment of the financial sector involving a total of 415 blacklist, including the debtor serious dishonesty, illegal fund-raising personal, illegal fund-raising companies and other serious violations list.

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