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  Curtain insulation, ice cool.The ancients dog days of summer may very moist "Go out for five minutes, sweat two hours," the official 12 volts, this one saying it is thoroughly talk about the mere mention of the hot dog days of summer, it is also the hottest time of the year.Stay in air-conditioned room eating ice watermelon, is the ideal state of many people through the "dog days" of.In ancient times no fan no air conditioning, the dog days of summer will be more tough?In fact, it is possible to "want more": the ancients would use bamboo insulation, ice placed in the house and so on, their dog days, perhaps more than the modern moisturize.Slight Heat not hot, dog days of summer in the Great Heat the saying goes, "Slight Heat is not heat, great heat in the dog days of summer" dog days, appeared after a slight heat, the highest temperature of the year, and damp, muggy days.In the theory of the ancients, the dog days of "V" refers to the summer evil "Lingering Evil", the so-called "six evil" in the.Data Figure: Beijing into the dog days of summer, hot weather, people hold umbrellas to resist sun exposure. BEIJING, photo reporter Li Qing "dog days" where there is a reason why the "V" word, is to remind people that the weather is too hot, not volts should move also means that in extreme yang when there are cold factor lurking.Between mid-July to early August to late "dog days" calculated according to the lunar calendar, the Gregorian calendar in about.Interestingly, "the V" time is not fixed.It can be calculated simply by the date into the V "summer solstice triheptyl" word of formulas 4, i.e. after the summer solstice third "G" date of, Chu Fu 10 days, 10 days or 20 ambush days, Mofu 10 days.Why dog days there will be "extended version"?Generally, when the 4-heptyl days occurs between the summer solstice and the beginning of autumn ambush 10 days, it occurred five days compared with 20 days heptyl.So, sooner or later, Geng day appearance will affect the length of ambush.The whole "dog days" of the date it will be a corresponding change."Winter Disease" in sanfutie one to three dog days of summer can often see a variety of messages about "sanfutie", which in turn is what?In general, a plaster sanfutie.One theory is that, to date at the summer head on it affixed to the lunar calendar, is said to prevent the onset of certain diseases in winter.For different diseases, would typically be four different positions along the plaster, can be peeled off holding eight hours.Data for: Yunnan Province, Chinese medicine hospital doctors make "sanfutie".China news agency reporter Ren Dongshe "sanfutie relatively common, take a few major taste of traditional Chinese medicine preparation, posted at various points, play a complementary yang, through the role of blood."Gao Wei folklore expert explained.He believes that "Winter Disease" There is a grain of truth, Xia Tianyang gas foot, then took the opportunity to discharge the bad stuff the body, strong resistance, and can withstand the fall and winter weather changes caused harm to the body .Sanfutie posted outside, in the dog days of summer high temperatures, people should avoid going out in the high temperature period.At the same time maintain good indoor ventilation, the need to replenish moisture, light diet, eat more bitter foods to ensure good health.The ancients dog days of summer may very nourishing how to spend the dog days, modern people naturally do not worry: there is air conditioning with a fan, there are all kinds of fancy drinks.But what the ancients?Their dog days of summer will be very tough?In Gao Wei, the answer is likely to be negative.Data for: Gokokuji street courtyard.Wang Wenbo Photo Source: ctpphoto "busy season is in the countryside, is indeed hard."Gao Wei said in the past the slow pace of life, the more free time a lot of people, usually can be done to avoid the heat out of time.In the city, enjoy the cool air of the method even more.The first is to build houses according to local conditions.In terms of Beijing, general courtyard, the house mostly "herringbone top", and then hung below a ceiling, which has become a "buffer zone", there is a transition heat, not directly into the house.Past the house, most pay attention to "the gallery before and after the building" hot days Every noon, the curtain down on the porch first, and then put down the curtain on the door, double insulation, the house naturally cool, not effects of ventilation.It also is not about the same people in the house will put two large copper basin, inside put on ice, peach iced pear fruit with ice on the season, the slightest breath accompanied by fruit fragrance, very comfortable.Gao Wei said the wisdom of the ancients is infinite, there are many other ways to cool off, basically able to adapt to changes in the nature, enjoy the cool air is also very environmentally friendly."Of course, the dog days of summer sweat still have to sweat, it is also a way to discharge the body of toxins.".

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