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  New energy vehicle development, "Where is the way" global industry in China "pulse" jointly "Global automotive industry is ushering in major changes Bainianweiyu", "new energy vehicles has become a symbol of the global automotive industry transformation and upgrading," "electric vehicle development to a certain extent, it is necessary to make electric and New institutionally and technically energy docking, and the electrification of the whole industry chain on the basis of green, "" Looking ahead, new energy vehicles from the current primary stage of electric vehicles, new energy and experience intelligent bi-directional parallel development, the new energy smart The new era of electric vehicles. " .Volkswagen Automotive Group Management Board Chairman Herbert Deas delivered a speech at the conference. Sun Zifa taken July 1 to 3, the worlds new energy vehicles Assembly China for the first time held in Boao, Hainan held, the automotive sector from Germany, the United States, South Korea, Japan and other 20 countries and regions and relevant international organizations related to political research on behalf of , including the world-renowned automobile manufacturing giants, including more than 100 automotive-related business representatives, colleagues and hosts a total of more than 1,500 people gathered together for the common development of new energy automotive status quo "pulse", and discuss plans for the future development of new energy vehicles.CPPCC Vice Chairman, Chairman of China Association, the new President of the General Assembly of the world energy vehicles Wan Gang pointed out that by the end of 2020, the global new energy vehicles of total sales exceeded 5.64 million for carbon reduction, make an important contribution to address climate change.In the new round of scientific and technological revolution, "electric, intelligence sharing" of the automobile industry to promote energy power, production runs, full use of the changes in sales, and at an unprecedented rate, depth, breadth changing the global automotive industry.Meanwhile, the new energy vehicle development will also accelerate the pace of reform and innovation, electrification must emphasize quality and safety, technical regulations to be intelligent synchronization, sharing will have to prevent disorderly competition.IEA chief economist Laszlo Varro delivered a speech at the conference. Sun Zifa photo IEA chief economist Laszlo Varro believed to be the new energy vehicles and other transportation and development of clean energy technologies linked up, he was very confident by the industry to develop new energy vehicles, to achieve automotive transportation shared, intelligent, network-linked development.Chinese Vice Minister of Science and Technology Wang Xi said the car + surging cross-border integration of innovative, smart new energy vehicles become the future development direction.Ministry of Science and Technology is organizing the preparation of national long-term plan from 2021 to 2035, for the new energy vehicle development, on the one hand in the "Thirteen Five", based on the focus vehicle hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation, hydrogen technology in-depth study on the other hand will autopilot, intelligent systems; research and development.Chinese Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xin Guobin disclosed that the ministry is leading to promote the new energy automotive industry development plan from 2021 to 2035 by mid-preparation work will be considered from strength to reduce resource consumption and improve the ecological environment-oriented and stimulate enterprise innovation power and energy autonomy, the formation of new energy vehicle technology innovation and good circulation and promote the use of environmental resources run society.Christian Jin Gele Sen, director of the Secretariat of clean energy ministerial cooperation mechanisms, said the new energy vehicle traffic is actually carried out decarbonization of the most important and most promising areas, although transportation difficult decarbonization, is the worlds challenges but the international community through cooperation, and strive to achieve economies of scale of new energy vehicles, traffic can greatly promote global decarbonization goals."Automobile revolution must achieve integration and docking with the energy revolution, the information revolution, change and smart city traffic."China Electric Vehicle Association and director Chen Qingtai said hundreds of people, the future of electric vehicles, will be the basic unit of storage and consumptive green energy, is the basic unit of intelligent transportation, smart city, but also the new generation of mobile communication, sharing travel links together nodes.Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University Professor Ouyang Ming Gao prospects for lithium-ion batteries in two major areas of automotive and energy storage confident that China could achieve the target years ahead of the "World Conference of Boao new energy vehicles consensus" in the, That 2035 global new energy vehicles to reach half of the year new car sales.He also Chinese electric vehicle market roadmap predicts that 2025 will be a turning point in price, then great development.Volkswagen Automotive Group Management Board Chairman Herbert Diskin said, Volkswagen Group has developed a comprehensive plan of decarbonization, the Chinese team is also working on a detailed program.At the level of automotive products, electric carbon emissions will become a mainstay.2028 Volkswagen Group plans to launch 70 models of electric car models in the world of electric vehicles to deliver 22 million, half of which come from China."New energy vehicles has become crucial and inevitable choice to upgrade the automobile industry and the sustainable development of China, we are in a critical period of development from childhood to youth."China First Automobile Group Co., Ltd., chairman Xu Ping said that China FAW as a whole and all of its brands, are taking the main direction and placed on a breakthrough new energy vehicles this industry.Wang Chuanfu, chairman of BYD Company Limited said that if the electric car revolution of the first half, the second half is intelligent, including automatic driving experience and vehicle artificial intelligence, intelligent automotive future scenario is very rich.New energy vehicles for safety issues concern the worlds new energy vehicles in 2020s first General Assembly summit that is "new energy automotive safety and recall" as the theme.Wan Gang at the summit emphasized that China is still in the development of new energy automotive incubation period, to prevent major accidents is a top priority of the moment, the security problem is related to the development of new energy vehicles lifeline."Lithium-ion power battery thermal runaway prevention initiative that can solve the problem of battery safety."Ouyang Ming Gao said his team has been engaged in battery safety research, Tsinghua University has established a battery safety laboratory.Next-generation electric car does not depend on the power of the win, rely on security.

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