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  Park Tae-hwan as guests of honor World Championships, but this time his side had a few Sun Yang 26 evening, the swimming world championships in Gwangju waves in the pool, among the womens 200 meters breaststroke final leaf poetry eventually ranked fourth, missed the podium.And she almost instead of Chinese swimmer Sun Yang leading people, and seems to have lost sight of the swimming fade South Koreas Park Tae-hwan, a marked face to face.In the womens 200 meters breaststroke ceremony, Park Tae-hwan suit appeared to the world championships ambassador identity tie, the winning athlete award.This scene, broadcast signals pass through to the other side of China, quickly triggered a new round of discussions users.Park Tae-hwan had risen to award # # microblogging hot search forefront, and # # Sun Yang response to storm the award "shoulder to shoulder".Weibo trending shots, Sun Yang and Park Tae-hwan returning to "the same box.".At the same time 21, Swimming World Swimming Championships each project into the first match day, the main item Sun Yang 400m freestyle man guards the pass, ho to take four consecutive, but also gain the 10th World Championship individual gold medals career.As South Korea has so far only Olympic swimming champion Park Tae-hwan also appeared south of the University Natatorium, witnessed another strong rival Sun Yang to take the footprints of.At that time, no one unsuspecting Park Tae-hwan will be only the identity of the guests of honor of the debut race at the end of the game.And when he was really into the seats being installed lens, the buzz is inevitable.If he appeared in 400 meters freestyle awards ceremony for the winners medal hanging Sun Yang personally, it is more perfect ending.Microblogging users review shots September 27, 2089, Park Tae-hwan was born in Seoul, South Korea.5 years old, he is also fear of water, so he picked up the rocket from the pool bottom 500 won coin "save", swimming from a close relationship with.Younger than two years old Park Tae-hwan Sun Yang, Park Tae-hwan and completely different growth trajectory, while the two are in the unseen world, embarked on a time tunnel of the same thing.Hour call-back to the Beijing Olympics, Park Tae-hwan that time, the mens 400 meters freestyle absolute king, eventually, he also fulfill our mission to achieve the Olympic gold medal for South Korea in the Beijing Water Cube swimming.At that time, Sun Yang was a little two year old he was never a fan of small fame, no secret to express worship of Park Tae-hwan: "He is my idol."Data for: During the Incheon Asian Games, the Chinese player Sun Yang and South Koreas Park Tae-hwan moment of departure. China news agency reporters Tang Yan and Jun She 2011 Shanghai World Championships, South Korea, "flying fish" again dominated the 400 meters freestyle arena, and followed the man followed, and finally became a fledgling Sun Yang.The latter also said that often the training to the most tired, the opponent will think Park Tae-hwan, efforts to catch up with him.Faster growth of Sun Yang, gradually taken away from the hands of the dominant position PiaoTaiHuan.Chinese ancient words are "both Sheng Yu, Sheng-liang," said, however, it is the opponents of the "titans" combination field, under the field has become close friends.London 2012 Olympic 200-meter freestyle, Sun Yang and Park Tae-hwan tied for the silver medal, their common podium, shaking hands, laugh, sympathetic between this opponent, warming the hearts of countless swimming fans of the two countries.The 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, they have already established a profound friendship.Sun Yang won the 400 meters freestyle, Sun Young Park Tae-hwan affectionately stroking his chin, the first time to send congratulations.The latter is also given the "response" action, dedicated to the birthday of Park Tae-hwan custom birthday cake.In the lane aside for the birthday of a good friend, he did not forget his face painted cream in Park Tae-hwan, attracted the audience screaming.2015, Park Tae-hwan into a doping scandal, he was eventually banned for 20 months FINA, 1 silver and 5 bronze at the Asian Games in Incheon made all six medals also were deprived.At that time, Park Tae-hwan is still Nanzu kneel down to apologize verbally abusive at home and abroad engulfed, although his relationship with Sun Yang have not changed anything, but they increasingly competitive state of differentiation, is also an indisputable fact.Love to kill one more than ten years, swimming fans waiting eagerly for the same time frame two again, and now seems to have does not appear in Gwangju, but it does not mean that their future may no longer meet the stadium.Data Figure: Incheon Asian Games, Sun Yang in the mens 400 meters freestyle final in 3 minutes and 43 seconds 23 won the championship.Japans Kosuke Hagino and South Koreas Park Tae-hwan won two, three. China news agency reporter Liao Panshe April of this year, Yonhap said the PiaoTaiHuan by brokerage firm voice, I intend to retire yet, but at this stage "does not have the ability to participate in international competitions.".The gradual recovery system training hwan, South Korean National Sports Festival will be in October this year and work.Standing on the nodes of the Tokyo Olympic Games countdown to the first anniversary of the outlook, Park Tae-hwan is difficult to have the impact strength of the Olympic stage again, swimming fans wish, want nothing more than just two people training, competition and life, to everything.If you have the opportunity to meet again pool again several times on things to kill, but the better.2014 Incheon Asian Games before, Sun Yang advertising film shooting phrase classic lines written into the memory of many people: "Mr. Park, the water is quiet, no cheering, no booing.Nice, we continue to swim it."The passage of time, when the valiant Park Tae usher in his thirties, of Sun Yang, the 50 m lane compete with the best friend the day, probably will not come back.However, their fate, they never stopped fighting, never thought this farewell blue, gleaming pool.Data for: the 2014 Incheon Asian Games mens 400 meters freestyle final, the Chinese player Sun Yang 3 minutes and 43 seconds to win 23, South Koreas Park Tae-hwan was third.China news agency reporters Liao Pan and She Gequ "story time" sings: far away from yesterdays dreams and laughter we meet again after the number of waves in their journey in life trajectory already gone too much.We prefer to look forward together, the two meet again, which will be time to remember the story destined to leave.

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