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  Japans first aircraft assembled F-35A crashed extent of impact Japans first aircraft assembled F-35A crashed affect how long ago, Japans defense ministry released the preliminary findings on the crash of the F-35A, considered the possibility of pilot lost sense of balance into the so-called "spatial disorientation" state than high possibility of the occurrence of abnormal aircraft itself is very low.April 9 evening around 7:00, a Japanese Air Self Defense Forces F-35A took off with the other three with fighters from the city of Misawa, Aomori, a four-plane formation flight training at night, the plane took off 30 minutes after the F-35A It crashed in Misawa 135 km east of 1500 meters deep in the Pacific Ocean.Flight Accident Investigation generally from the search and rescue pilot, especially the search for the wreckage of flight recorder so-called "black box" beginning to get the aircraft altitude, speed, attitude, acceleration and other detailed flight data, to find direct evidence of the cause of the crash.Japan these investigations F-35A air accidents is also true.After the plane F-35A crashed, Japan and the US immediately launched a joint search and rescue in full swing, until early May for a larger progress.Japanese Defense Minister at a press conference on May 7, said after the SDF and the US military co-operation, has been in the Japanese Air Self Defense Force Misawa east about 135 kilometers salvage a crashed F-35 fighter jets the flight recorders of some of the parts, but these parts were severely damaged when crashed into the sea, with seawater immersion erosion, leading to its storage function has expired, you can not export data.In particular logger most important flight data store did not find.At this point, can be used to analyze the direct evidence of this aircraft F-35A cause of the crash is not yet available, but there are some circumstantial evidence.F-35A upload data between the organic chains may be shared between the formation of F-35 counterpart information; empty space, and often radio call, ground command, and a large number of other pilots formations call memory; navigation radar in ground plane F- also recorded its ongoing probe into the low altitude flight path 35A before flight.These are also the analysis of key evidence this aircraft F-35A crashed reasons.Japans preliminary judgment in the case of flight recorder data recording section is not found, it is made under the above information.But there are several situations can not be completely ruled out, where this aircraft F-35A oxygen supply system is out of the question should be a focus.In mid-2017, the US militarys F-35A more than oxygen system problem has occurred, leading to pilot hypoxia symptoms in flight the aircraft made a forced landing.Although an investigation team set up after the US Air Force, but ultimately did not result.US warplanes due to oxygen system failure in the past 10 years, resulting in the death of four pilots.The Japanese crashed F-35A fighter will be the emergence of oxygen supply system problems?From the face of it there is such a possibility, because once the pilot hypoxia will soon lose consciousness, and this aircraft F-35A pilots say the word "suspension training" before the accident, there was no sign of trying to eject.Although the F-35 flight altitude and hypoxia problem seems to be related to the US military feel no problem altitude oxygen system failure in the F-35 7200 meters below the flight practice, as well as emergency oxygen equipment, but flight many uncertainties.Flight recorder is designed for flight accident judged R & D, high strength, not easy to break.But part of crashed fighter found wings, engine debris and the black box of view, this aircraft F-35A is almost vertical drop of way, with considerable impact hit the sea, resulting in the body torn apart.It also seems to indicate that the pilot has been in a state of unconscious.In another case, that this aircraft F-35A navigation system is a problem, such as the horizon indicating system, height indicating system.At that time this aircraft F-35A is to avoid going near the adjacent US military aircraft, air traffic controllers follow the instructions to make a lower altitude of action, if the pilot can not read navigation data is correct, there will be pilot found the aircraft flew to the sea the case of irreparable.This occurs from the crash of the F-35A, assembled by the Japanese F-35 fighter ambition to improve their own R & D capability is not a small blow.2012 Japan determined to buy a total of 42 F-35A, in addition to the original 1?No. 44 original aircraft from the United States, and the remaining 38 will be assembled in the country of Japan.The plane crashed F-35A is the No. 5 machine, which is Japans own assembly of the first aircraft F-35A.December 2020, Japan decided to further increase the purchase, including F-35A and F-35B including a total of 105 F-35 fighters, if envisaged, on the basis of these F-35 by the Japanese assembled on, and then some parts localization for the Japanese fighter to enhance the level of research and development will be of great benefit.I did not expect to happen soon such a crash.It stands to reason, the assembly should be cheaper than the original, can be assembled Japanese F-35 is not.Japans first batch of 42 F-35A from November 28, 2016 began to equip, 1?4 4 F-35A are American original, the unit price of about 9.6 billion yen.From the 38 F-35A assembled in Japan after the No. 5 machine, due to the influence of Japanese domestic assembly conditions and the depreciation of the yen, the unit price has gone up to 13 billion to 20 billion yen, which makes Japanese military budget unbearable.So, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces will be the year 2020 and 2020 annual purchase of eight F-35A final assembly instead of a machine purchased directly from the United States.Not only that, for the purchase of 105 F-35, Japan Self-Defense Force also intends all imported, which makes Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric and IHI three Japanese assembly companies unwilling.The plane crashed F-35A is the No. 5 machine, according to Japans US-Japan agreement made in Japan, leaving Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI and Mitsubishi Motors three companies continue to dream of the F-35 assembly unsustainable, will also be a serious blow. " Made in Japan confidence.As soon as the accident occurred, the US media quickly reported that the plane crashed F-35A is a Japanese to assemble their own production.The subtext is, F-35A crashed because of manufacturing in Japan brought about by the fact that seems to have given the Americans an excuse.It crashed F-35A had failed in June 2017 and August 2020 twice, resulting in an emergency landing.Earlier some media exposed, there are serious management problems Japanese production of F-35 parts factory, there are many security risks leading to the production of spare parts.So this aircraft F-35A crash occurred, Japanese politicians have questioned: F-35A accident did not happen in the United States, Japans job is not a problem?Moreover, since this F-35A crash occurs, will severely hit Japan has been fighting attempts to self-developed next-generation F-3 of dreams.Japan is currently working on the development of domestic fifth-generation fighter F-3, a key component of its radar, engines are under development, planned in 2030 began to replace the F-2 fighter.For the development of the F-3, Japan has been a strong desire and lack of confidence.R & D F-3, Japan had also been specially developed a technology demonstrator "mind", despite the Japanese government, the Self-Defense Forces, its industry devoted a lot of effort, but the "mind" but only test 35 times, hastily the end of the validation.This makes Japan more doubt the ability of independent research and development of F-3.The F-35A plane crash, will undoubtedly further the Japanese domestic produce a deeper doubts about the ability of self-development F-3.This is from F-35A crashed accidents, F-35 also will cast a shadow over future sales.In fact, the crash occurred is not surprising States Air Force, in particular, there are many known and unknown technical defects of one new aircraft.But the F-35 is different, since it is the date of birth "disease" ridden, still in the side columns rimmed perfect state.2020 September 28, a US Marine Corps F-35B crashed due to fuel line problem.F-35C is 105 times catapult launch tests in 2017, there were 92 times due to landing gear strut shock, which led the pilot to feel moderate to severe pain.So far, F-35 there are at least 17 class may cause the crew casualties, military aircraft crashed significant deficiencies.In order to develop the F-35, United States and its allies costly, large amount of F-16, F-20 fighter like looking to be replaced by F-35.At present, 13 countries around the world announce the purchase of F-35, the US government also plans to sell F-35 further to Greece, Poland and other countries, which play a F-35A crash will lead to the relevant national concerns about the quality of the F-35 rise again.Zhang Wenchang Source: China Youth Daily

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