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  2019 China Internet home improvement industry report: regulating the family network to maintain industry leading position After explosive growth in the overall economy farewell mode to Internet services for the tertiary industry representatives occupy in the development of an increasingly important position in recent years hot real estate market to make a huge stock of housing, but also indirect expansion of home improvement industry market space.As the traditional home improvement and there is a level of service quality extremely serious, and inefficient and so on, the home improvement industrys overall reputation and development model urgent upgrade.In the Internet era of great development, consumer needs and habits has undergone tremendous change, the Internet home improvement momentum after mid-2015 achieved significantly improved.In just the last in 2020, the Internet-based home improvement industry began to have a more significant change, highlighting the effects of the head than 28 differentiation of the early users and traffic inclined to regulating the family network to the Internet as the representative of high-quality home improvement vertical platform.2020 December 31, Trustdata released "2020 China Internet home improvement industry analysis report," The development of the Internet report for the home improvement market in China to do a detailed investigation, a detailed analysis of the market situation of the development of the Internet industry, home improvement.In 2020, the Internet continues to expand the home improvement market, regulating the family network as the head of Chinas Internet home improvement vertical platform, accounting for 41 of the total amount of new Internet users in the home improvement market.3%, continue to expand the lead.After the Internet home improvement market continues to grow as early as 2014 years ago, the Internet has become one of the development trend of home improvement home improvement industry, a large number of home improvement platforms have emerged, one step ahead of many traditional dress enterprises also joined this trend.However, prosperity hidden behind the market chaos, many low-cost, short construction period for selling home improvement business due to the inadequate supply chain management is weak, the user experience is exacerbated.After mid-2015, the Internet home improvement industry into the second half, has a mature system of Internet home improvement vertical platform began to emerge, led the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry into the stage.After development of the Internet in the home improvement industry into the fast lane in 2020 regulating the family network successfully listed in Hong Kong, becoming the first home improvement vertical platform shares.This milestone marks the home improvement industry, the Internets core value chain and business model matures.From the industrial supply side, the Internet is becoming a home improvement vertical platform in the home improvement industry enterprise important acquisition channels.According to public data show that nearly forty percent of new home improvement company from the Internet platform for home improvement, home improvement home improvement company actively embrace the Internet platform, to accelerate the transition to digital; at the same time, the Internet platform as the home improvement chain link role, providing a wide range of services, including design tools, and other financial instruments, for the home improvement company can improve efficiency, reduce costs, users get more quality services, home improvement upstream and downstream industries forward together to promote the industry and improve penetration.According to Trustdata latest "Report" predicts that in 2020 core business revenue Internet home improvement industry is expected to RMB 100 mark, reaching market size of about 138.2 billion.As the young user group accounts for the gradual expansion of the proportion of users of home improvement, home improvement Chinese Internet users continues to grow, expected in 2020 will exceed 30 million.With the home improvement younger users, and the wave of popularity of the Internet line and the following three areas, the Internet home improvement market will maintain high growth trend, the total size of the market will further expand.Nationally, more and more home improvement home improvement users will buy a range of services through the Internet, the home improvement industry gradually complete the transition to Internet-based.Regulating the family network to maintain industry leading position from Trustdata "Report" data, the effect of the Internet head home improvement industry is more prominent, with a leading supply chain enabling foundation, leading the number of users and businesses, mature business model and excellent reputation, regulating the family network ranked first home improvement vertical position of the platform, the competitive landscape within the industry tends to be stable."Report" shows that in 2020 Internet users in new home improvement, regulating the family network accounting for up to 41.3%, far more than other internet home improvement brands.From the point of view market segments, in a second-tier cities in regulating the family network accounted for the proportion of new users 34.3%, in the third-line market sinking and the market is far ahead in regulating the family network accounting for up to 42.7%.Currently the Internet is still in the home improvement industry reshuffle integration phase, many problems of development, such as the renovation of bankruptcy on foot, construction and installation quality can not be guaranteed and other issues, it also restricts the normal Internet home improvement industrys healthy development.As the Internet home improvement industry leader, regulating the family network regulating the family security services launched a creative solution to this problem, regulating the family network through regulating the family decoration section provides third-party insurance paid hosting, professional third-party supervision services, to provide users with security, enhance contract compliance the ability to protect the stage of completion and hand over quality; while the insurance was renovated decoration companies to provide security and risk protection, through the quality control and quality decoration company to get more users, to drive out bad money, good money winning role.According to regulating the family network mid-year 2020 results, as of June 30 2020, the number of construction sites regulating the family network using third-party supervision services and payment guarantee "regulating the family insurance" services to 13,870, an increase of 91.5%, it has become a platform to protect the user experience standard services.Another important factor firmly grasp the basic dish a second-tier market and focus on the sinking market, regulating the family network is firmly occupy the position of industry leader.The "Report" shows the user to rotate the Internet line accounted for 22%, 36% second-line, third-line accounting for up to 42% or less, the growth rate is maintained at 13.5%.It is reported that in November 2020, regulating the family network released "2020 Strategy", regulating the family network said through a COP, "Torch library loaded rate" direct support two modes continue to sink roots in the market, and help regulating the family network platform business cooperation for regional growth enterprises.After the Internet into the fast lane home improvement, home improvement industry is about to usher in a disruptive revolution.The future, as regulating the family network into the home improvement vertical platform represented in continue cultivating the supply chain, to open up the market continuously push forward the field of subsidence, a young, highly standardized new era is coming home improvement.

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