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  Sichuan new seven cases of novel coronavirus infection in a total of 15 cases of confirmed cases of pneumonia According to the Sichuan health public health committee official number of the message, January 23, according to "novel coronavirus infection pneumonia treatment program" provides, according to clinical manifestations of cases, combined with epidemiological and laboratory test results, Sichuan novel coronavirus the group of experts confirmed cases of pneumonia confirmed the provinces new novel coronavirus infection in seven cases of pneumonia cases.As of 24 January 23, Sichuan Province reported a total of novel coronavirus infection confirmed cases of pneumonia, 15 cases, of which seven cases of Chengdu, Mianyang City 2 cases, Guangan two cases, one case of Deyang, Suining one case, Florida one case of the city of Yaan one case.15 patients with severe 2, the remaining patients in stable condition.Close contacts under medical observation cumulative 208 people, one person has been discharged medical observation, is still under medical observation 207 people.

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