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  Xinjiang Bohu open low-altitude tour Visitors can take a helicopter tour of Bosten Lake (map) Xinjiang Bohu held on December 28 in northern China recorded the worlds signing lotus sea scenic cum Escape navigable Bosten station flight ceremony, which marks the Bohu low altitude helicopter tourism project officially opened, visitors can tour the plane ride Bosten views.It is reported that, to build a set number of local air, water, idyllic one of the boutique travel center, visitors can take a helicopter to see the stunning views of the scenic Bosten large estuary at about 300 meters above the ground.Bosten Lake in the tour featured the beauty at the same time, experience rural scenery, Lake Bo farm food taste, feel the food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment of high quality tourism service experience.Visitors take a helicopter tour Bosten.Lei photo of "experience the helicopter, I feel particularly exciting, sitting in airplane tour really shocked Bosten."Tourists Gongxue Jian said.According to Bohu County Committee, deputy governor of Yufeng Qi introduction, Xinjiang Escape navigable, to fill the gaps Bohu low-altitude travel, allowing more visitors to view at close range low-altitude lake views Bo."Can not only enhance the experience of visitors, but also for the global Bohu text brigade has played a good role in promoting."Tourists posed for pictures with the helicopter.In Lei photo It is reported that Xinjiang Escape navigable completed in April Mogan, Lake flight, plan the layout of the next three years 252 sites nationwide, it will also be the site in the territory of Bosten Lake in Bavaria, Rob village people, Bayinbuluke kunas, etc. open more low-flying tourist spots.In recent years, Bohu fully rely on a beautiful ecological environment, beautiful natural scenery, rich tourism resources advantages, the county effort to enhance tourism competitiveness, bigger and stronger tourism industry.With the gradual development of global tourism, tourism brand Bohu gradually increase the number of tourists increased significantly.Visitors helicopter flying over Bohu Ulan Ferguson Township flowers in the world again.Lei taken in the first half of this year, Bohu received a total of over 1.06 million tourist trips, direct income of more than 100 million yuan, "National tourism" release enormous traffic dividend to enhance the overall value and achieve income people rich.

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