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  Digital bright economic outlook Digital bright economic outlook bright [Commentary] What is the digital economy?Digital economy refers to the use of digital knowledge and information as a key factor of production, modern information networks as an important vehicle for the effective use of information and communication technology as an important driving force to enhance efficiency and optimize the economic structure of a series of economic activities.Digital economy "digital" Depending on the degree of digitization can be divided into three stages: the digital information, digital services, digital transformation.Digital transformation is a new stage of the current digital development, not only to expand the development of a new economic space, to promote sustainable economic development, but also promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the development of the whole society in transition.The author believes that the current first phase has been basically completed, China is now the third stage of the transition to the second stage of the process.General Secretary said: "Today the world is undergoing a broader and deeper technological revolution and industrial revolution.Internet, big data and artificial intelligence continue to make breakthroughs of modern information technology, digital booming economy, more closely linked to the interests of all countries."Statistics show that total economic output of the digital proportion of GDP, more than 30%.Since the mid-1990s, Chinas digital economy has shown surplus rapid development of the digital economy overall growth rate from the beginning of 2093 to 2016 growth rate of nearly 20 percent, much higher than the GDP growth rate this year.More significantly, the structural features of the digital economy presented an average annual growth rate of the digital industry nearly 15%, the permeability derived from the digital industry this part of the overall growth rate is as high as 24.1%.Overall, Chinas digital economy showed a large body and the fast pace of development characteristics, and economic growth there is great potential to be explored.Chinas economy there is still much room for digitization.The first is the large amount of data.Chinas industrial economic development, is the worlds second largest economy, complete industry categories.As the worlds most populous country, will produce large amounts of diverse data.Digital economy is an important part of Chinese territorys economy, it has a significant characteristic is that can be used as an ingredient to make the economy grow faster.Some experts believe that in the era of big data, the data is a resource.In the past, each division or lack of appropriate processing tools, the data failed to play its due role.But now, with more and more data on cloud resources, data can be shared between the major institutions and transactions, a large amount of data has been generated scale.At present, China total factor productivity there is still much room for improvement.National Bureau of Statistics said in a report, Chinas output per unit of labor is lower than the world average of $$ 20,487 compared to $$ 98,990 US a greater gap, while labor productivity due to the nature of the income gap.Moreover, the demand for workers is in the phase of the upgrade, demand for high-quality products rising, while the development of the electricity supplier industry in China can shorten the distance between production and demand, after the introduction of the digital elements can also add more personalized and high quality commodity supply.In addition, the industry can make use of the Internet makes the production value chain continue to rise to, and extend the industrial chain itself to manufacturing high stage of development of the phenomenon.For example, Chinas Sany Heavy Industry is developing Internet industry, manufacturing over the Internet as a service, greatly improve production efficiency.At the same time, the tertiary industry and the primary industry may also release a greater growth dividend through digitization.Behind the digital economy is the man.Chinas population dividend is enormous, and has entered the stage of demographic dividend Quality.The past 10 years, Chinas population to cultivate engineering talent and a lot of college-educated, they are simply the consumer to upgrade, it is the cornerstone of the digital economy to promote advanced stage.On this basis, the domestic Internet companies are still in the rising period, in addition to the traditional BAT, as well as the emergence of a large number of enterprises unicorn, the first batch of Internet companies are emerging to accelerate the pace of development and revitalization through management restructuring, the industry as a whole vibrant perspective.Market economy can not do without regulatory safeguards, our network monitoring level is also rising, the formation of a more reasonable regulatory mechanism and management mechanism.Objectively speaking, Chinas Internet regulators have taken the digital economy is relatively tolerant system, enhance the vitality of innovation for the digital economy leave enough space for this in the world, it has also been recognized.Overall, Chinas digital economy is still huge bonus waiting for the release of the world are competing to occupy the commanding heights of the digital economy, our country has been in a leading position.By the digital economy, it will be by osmosis and diffusion, driven by Chinas overall level of economic rising.

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